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Patrick Dempsey Brown

He/him. Software Engineer. Seattle, United States.

Python Go Ruby JavaScript

Highlighted Projects


TypeScript Kubernetes Discord Bots

A little Discord bot that knows about stocks.

  • Uses modern Discord "slash commands" that allow for auto-completion.
  • Pulls stock data from FinnHub to provide live stock quotes and basic financials.
  • Deployed on Kubernetes.

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Go Load-Balancers Networking

An experimental application-layer load-balancer to explore load-balancing algorithms and health metric strategies.

  • Implemented both Round Robin and Random Two-Choice load-balancing algorithms.
  • Docker-compose spins up a Prometheus instance with live load-balancing and health metrics.
  • Algorithm choice, health-check endpoints, and panic threshold are all configurable via YAML.



Go Databases NoSQL

A key/value database inspired by chapter 3 of Designing Data-Intensive Applications by Martin Kleppman.

  • Leveraged constant-time file appends to write data quickly to a K/V store.
  • Used an in-memory hash index to speed up reads. Hash index is rebuilt on startup in-case of crashes.



I'm an experienced, self-taught Software Engineer. Originally from New England, I now live in Seattle with my partner and three cats. When I'm not coding, I'm either playing hockey, collecting video games, or studying chess.


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Great question!

  • I grew up playing the Nintendo 64.
  • I am a lifelong fan of chess and there are 64 squares on a chessboard.
  • In computing, the number 64 shows up quite a bit—it's the number of bits in 8 bytes (26)!